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On July 6, your planet Mars moves into the House of Money and approves of making bold bets. However, spontaneous tactics must give way to well-thought-out actions in tried and tested slots, so on July 19, Venus may bring a considerable profit.

In any case, after July 23, Jupiter will give you a chance to right the wrongs.

The Game

The astrologer recommends Aries feel like a gladiator playing the Roman Legend slot (Rubyplay). You have to fight for success.

July is your jackpot!


Thanks to your energy and courage, the talent to acquire new skills and new acquaintances, nothing will stop you from progressing to the tiop. Get ready for a change in the usual set of slots. Surprises at the end of the month can be both very pleasant and vice versa.

The Game

The astrologer advises Tauruses to pay attention to the Buffalo Power Megaways slot (Playson) and use its power to tame capricious Luck.

Push through July with unexpected bets

3. Geminis.

Get things in order and get rid of excess. There is a good chance to tip the scales of luck in your favour when it comes to playing online casinos. On July 19, Venus will bring profit, and on the 23rd, the Sun will add energy to master new gambling strategies that will continue to bring real gains until November.

Volunteering and donating at the end of the month will benefit you.

The Game

The astrologer is sure that Geminis will be able to hold on to Ariadne’s thread in the Minotaur (Endorphina) game and get through the labyrinth to victory.

July is your time to walk the paths of excitement!

4. Cancerians

Until July 13, take the initiative, and focus on finding a new style of play and getting results.

On July 19, be generous, and Venus will reward you with profit.

On the 20th, Mercury will provide you with enough money to take productive risks.

On the 28th, the New Moon will bring you sudden success in those games you have already given up on for a long time.

The Game

The stars are predicting a lot of success for Cancerians in the Moon Sisters Hold and Win (3 Oaks) slot. Move to the light and step on the Moon path straight to the Planet Luck.

It is perilous to fall behind in July. Onward and upward!

5. Leos.

Make a deposit, play all the available bonuses and move confidently through mastering updated strategies. Be prepared for aggression and ridicule from those around you who don’t understand your passion. And whatever problems you may encounter will pass within two weeks, especially when your efforts bear real fruit.

In the 20s, use the energy of the Sun and Mercury for decisive spins. After the 28th, Jupiter will help you step up your game.

The Game

According to the astrologer, Lord of the Sun (Platipus) will provide Leos with a significant advantage in a duel with Lady Luck. Perseverance, confidence, attention to detail – and everything will be exemplary.

The July onslaught is underway!

6. Virgoans.

By July 13, changes in your circle will affect your plans and call for a new execution style. But in the end, you WILL find like-minded gamblers who share your passions and provide you with tons of tips for achieving roaring success.

A thorough game strategy analysis will ensure the financial result and bring joy and inspiration. Global events may affect your plans on the last days of the month.

The Game

Have you ever played Merlin’s Tower (Mascot)? The magic of this slot is capable of turning miracles into reality.

Make July your month of Luck!

7. Libras.

The pace of life slows down, and the completion of old affairs takes more attention, but somehow you manage to find more time for online gambling. Even changing the place of work or residence will not hurt – you’ll still be able to come up on top following your passion.

Be ready to confirm your reputation and status in the world of gambling. An unexpected inheritance can be a significant help.

July 19 Venus will bring a good order and a high chance of winning. At the end of the month, be careful when driving and preferably postpone the planned surgery to another date.

The Game

The astrologer recommends choosing slots about love, erotica, and sex. The Big Three from Endorphina: Twerk, Tribe, Taboo – will appeal to Mars in your 8th House and bring considerable profit.

Balance the sumptuous with your passion for gambling wisely!

8. Scorpios.

By July 13, you will definitely understand the new meaning of gambling. Try not to be distracted by meetings or divorces. Focus on learning new strategies and details of slots. Venus will bring new impressions, income, popularity on July 19.

Career advancement at the end of the month will give a new tangible boost in the game.

The Game

The simple and pleasant slot Love is… (Platipus) is exactly what the astrologer believes will provide Scorpios with solace and new income.

July, passion, love!

9. Sagittarians.

Time to show flexibility in financial matters. This applies to any finances – scholarships, state subsidies/support, grants, donations. But surprises and increased workload should not distract you from the game.

The psychological support and significant help Venus will bring on July 19 will take your understanding of the meaning of gambling to a new financial level.

The Game

Archer Robin Hood slot (KA Gaming) is precisely the bifurcation point where the symbolism of astrology and gambling combine.

Target July with bets!

10. Capricorns.

Someone new is expected to appear in your life and sincerely share your passion for gambling. Romantic relationships are possible at this point, as well as creating a joint fund to win the jackpot.

Returning home at the end of the month will inspire you for a new round of dealings with Fortune.

The Game

The astrologer prescribes the Forgotten Fable (Evoplay) slot for Capricorns. It’s time to remember the past to make the future much more prosperous!

July is your month for reevaluation and new victories.

11. Aquarians.

Despite the apparent need to take better care of your health, it may be worth remembering that gambling is an excellent way to relax, get back in the groove of things and stay on top of some problems, especially if there is a situation when you’re not as active as you used to be. A new approach to game strategies will ensure success at the end of the month.

The Game

According to the astrologer, the Money Train 2 (Relax) slot will be the express train to the “Success” station for Aquarians.

Fill July with excitement!

12. Pisceans.

July is the best time to get things done and get outstanding results. The Full Moon on July 13 will bring complete clarity, dot all the “Is” and cross all “Ts.”

The conflict in your circle regarding gambling will be quickly resolved after the expensive purchase you make with the winnings.

You will become more active on the Internet, especially in online gambling.

The Game

Astrology advises Pisceans to dive into the Sea of Spins slot (Evoplay). In the Sea of Spines, one of the fish will turn out to be gold.

Dive into July like a sea of excitement!

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