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From the life of insects

Here you are sitting on a fragrant flower, enjoying the unique taste of nectar, and then all of a sudden – boom…

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…it slams shut and starts showering you with its gastric juice to dissolve you and then digest! Phew, the life of insects is not easy.

The new slot Florageddon from Yggdrasil will immerse you in the sticky, viscous atmosphere of carnivorous flowers.

On 5 reels, three rows each give out wins for 3+ symbols in a row on one of the 243 pay lines, starting from the leftmost reel or from the rightmost one.

It’s only until 11/16.

Claim 100% Match Bonuses

For a deposit of C$25 and more.

A gift is already waiting for you in the BONUSES section. Activate it to increase the chances of human civilization surviving the coming Florageddon.

Carnivorous symbols

Wild – substitute any symbol in winning combinations.

5 Red Beast Flowers will bring you a win of 5 times your bet.

5 Violet Moray Flowers will double your bet.

5 Green Mushroom Flowers will multiply your investment in the game by 1.25.

5 Blue Fanged Sacflowers will repeat your bet.

After Florageddon

5 Red Hoses, same as 5 Purple Lanterns, will return 0.8 of your stake.

5 Green Lantern Clocks and 5 Blue Road Signs will return 0.6 of your stake.

Card ranks

All 4 cards (J, Q, K, A), if you get 5 of them, will return half of your bet to you.

Drop-down Symbols

After the formation of a winning combination on the reels of the slot, all the symbols that participated in it disappear, and in their place, first, new wild symbols appear, and then other random symbols, giving you a chance for new wins.

Multiplication of Winnings

The multipliers placed to the left of the slot are applied to the winnings generated starting from the leftmost reel. And vice versa, winnings from the rightmost reel are multiplied by the multipliers from the right.

For wins that count both ways (in which 5 symbols participate), the value of the right and left multipliers are summed up.

In addition, each win increases its “own” multiplier.

After the symbols fall without a win, the multipliers are reset.

In the free spins series, the game starts with multipliers equal to 1 on both sides of the slot, and as their values ​​increase, they do not reset.

Additional Gifts

Filling the cascade meter at the top of the slot generates new prizes on the next symbol when it appears.

To fill the meters in the base game, you will need 4 winning symbols in a row. In a series of free spins, a sequence of 3 victorious symbol falls is sufficient, and progress between spins is not reset.

Double Wild – 2 wild symbols are added instead of 1.

Multiplayer Boost – adds 10x to both multipliers.

Stack of Wild symbols – 6 Wild symbols are added to one reel simultaneously. 3 of them are immediately visible. And 3 more will fall down to replace disappearing winning symbols.

Extra life – non-winning symbols disappear from the reels. And then their places are filled with new characters.

Free Spins

3 Bonus symbols in any position bring 7 FS. 4 Bonus signs will give you 9 FS. 5 ones will bring 11 FS.

Golden Bet

The Golden Bet increases the bet by 1.5 and reduces the number of falls required to receive an additional gift from 3 to 4.

Buy Bonus

This is the purchase of free spins for 100 bets. You can also buy 16 Super Free Spins for 400 bets.

Collect or Gamble

The first word means that you are launching a series of free spins received in the main game. And the second is that you will try to increase the number of free spins by 2 FS, and as for 11 FS, you can increase them to 16 FS.

Crush the ravenous flowers into powder!

Play and Win.

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