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Aztec Fire New slot

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15 November 2022 24 November 2022

The Swiss and Aztecs

What do they have in common? They were mercenaries, fighting for rewards and able to influence the course of the battle.

All of a sudden they acquired huge power over other nations. But the Swiss gained financial power. And the Aztecs created the most powerful empire in Mesoamerica. On the sacred fire, they sacrificed the hearts of their enemies to the Sun.


The Royal Jackpot is 10,000 times higher than the bet in the new Aztec Fire slot by the 3 Oaks provider. And the range of bets there is from C$0.2 to C$30.

So grab a nice bonus in this promotion of the new slot, which

Runs until 11/23

Please, go right to the section of


and pick there up

50 free spins

on the Aztec Fire slot per a deposit of just C$25 or more to collect the pyramids of South America and get to their treasures.

Jackpots: 5!

5 reels with 4 rows each and as many as 5 jackpots!

You win when the same symbols on one of the 20 pay lines appear, from 3 to 5 in a row, starting from the leftmost reel.

Senior characters

The beautiful Malinche, who helped Cortez conquer the empire of Montezuma, appears on all 5 reels and will bring a win of 20 bets.

Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl visits the Aztecs in the form of a white man and passes on secret knowledge to them 5 times on the prize line, your bet is raised 6 times.

The Jaguar, King of the Amazon Jungle, ups the ante by a factor of 5 in a full set.

5 Toucans with powerful beaks will quadruple your spin investment, and 5 red-eyed Tree Frogs will triple the return on your bet.


It’s all equal here. Identical cards (from J to A), when flashed 5 on the line, turn the bet into a win at odds of 0.5x.

Scatter & FS

Pyramids don’t need paylines. If 3 of them show, they double the bet with a win (wherever they appear) and start the round of


Only high and bonus symbols fall out during the free spins round. New 2 pyramids add +3 FS.

Bonus Game

6 Fire Bonus symbols with bet multipliers marked on them trigger the Bonus Game, which starts with 3 respins.

Only Fire Bonus symbols and Blue Jackpot symbols show. But each new such symbol appearing on the reels restores the free spins counter to the value = 3.

In this case, all Bonus symbols, including those that triggered the Bonus game, remain in their positions until the end of the round.

IMPORTANT: 4 new rows are added to the reels on top of the active ones. But at the start of the Bonus Game, they are blocked. To unlock them, you need Bonus symbols (Blue or Fire):

For the 5th row – 10 Bonus symbols.

For the 6th row – 15 Bonus symbols.

For the 7th row – 20 Bonus symbols.

For the 8th row – 25 Bonus symbols.

Blue Jackpots

Random landing of Blue Symbols on the reels will bring the corresponding jackpot.

MINI: 20x bets.

MINOR: 50x bets.

MAJOR: 100x bets.

GRAND: 1.000x bets.

Filling all 40 positions on 8 rows of 5 reels in the Bonus Game will bring the jackpot

ROYAL: 10.000x bets.

And the most important thing! The bonus game comes up here VERY often.

Light the Aztec Fire!

Play & Win.

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